The Fan Club for the Indianapolis Colts (Blue Crew) started circa 1993-94 when the Indianapolis Colts were not the hottest game in town.  Back when Reggie Miller was scoring 8 points in 9 seconds while trying to defeat the evil New York Knicks in the Eastern Conference Finals.  The Colts were merely something to do on a Sunday when the Pacers weren’t playing.  Still a few fans would show up across the street in the South Lot, (current location of LOS) and mostly take grief from the opposing team fans.  You see there often were more fans of the opposing teams at that time.  Fans of the Miami Dolphins, New York Jets, or Dallas Cowboys would gear up and head down from Carmel to the RCA dome to watch their “favorite” teams.   The small but determined Colts fans would sit in the parking lot and maybe take up the whole first row (10 spots) in the lot.  You could throw a football and not much worry about hitting anyone.  Then one day in 1995 Jim Harbaugh threw a Hail Mary touchdown pass to Aaron Bailey, (which to this day I say he caught).  The Colts had missed going to SB XXX by one play.

Soon the bandwagon started to get bigger.  More people started showing up before games to “tailgate” .  So finally the “Blue Crew” fan club was born.  The name Blue Crew actually came from a Kansas City fan, who announced to some Colts fans who had attended a game at Arrowhead Stadium, that “You played a great game today Blue Crew” and the name just stuck.  The South Lot continued to grow with Blue Crew people and soon we outnumbered the other fans.  Peyton would arrive in 1998 and again, the bandwagon continued to grow.  In 2005 ground was broken on the new Stadium, causing the Blue Crew to move down the street to the lot at South & Pennsylvania.  The Colts, with Peyton and the Blue Crew continued to grow and in 2007 Colts became Super Bowl XLI Champions.  The Blue Crew has continued to grow and is considered one of the premier fan clubs of the NFL The Blue Crew has the distinction of having their own tailgating lot which is now located at 343 W. McCarty Street on the South side of Lucas Oil Stadium in downtown Indianapolis.