[Membershiplist] Indy Blue Crew Communication Survey

Milford C. Hutsell III (Gmail) milford.hutsell at gmail.com
Sun Dec 2 09:42:45 CST 2012

Blue Crew Members,


The Blue Crew Board wants to find the best way to inform you of our
activities and keep in contact with everyone.  For years, we have used the
Blue Crew Website and Forum to keep members updated as well as mass emails.
With the advent of social media we know so many of you use a Facebook
account and post on our page.  

Which method, to you our members, is the most effective way of keeping you
informed of our activities and contacting you?

Please follow this link and vote in our POLL on The Blue Crew Website:


NOTE:  If this is your first time going to The Blue Crew Website/Forum,
please be sure to read the top part of the page for directions as to how to
log in/register.

Here is a photo that shows you what the page will look like and where to go
to log in / register:


We appreciate your feedback and support of the best fan club in the NFL!


Thank you, 


Blue Crew Board of Moderators


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