[Membershiplist] Reminder about Blue Crew Parking and Memberships: Only 55 Days till kick off of the 2012/13 NFL Season.

Milford C. Hutsell III (Gmail) milford.hutsell at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 18:30:34 CDT 2012


Its only 55 Days till kick off of the 2012/13 NFL Season. Parking passes are
selling fast get them while you can!  Our lot is becoming very popular due
to the closing of South Street to the east of us and the reduction in
available parking lots in the downtown area.  Parking will be at a premium
this year so get a guaranteed spot for every game by joining us!

Indy Blue Crew Memberships and Parking orders are being accepted now via the
website at:  http://www.indybluecrew.org/membership/membership.html
If you prefer to mail a check you can access the form here:
We are gearing up for an awesome season of Football!
Go colts! 


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