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GRANT A LITTLE WISH Your donation to Little Wish provides comfort, hope and joy to a child battling cancer. The Blue Crew is proud to work with the Little Wish Foundation for the 2023-2024 NFL season. The mission of the Little Wish Foundation is to provide comfort and joy to those kids battling cancer. A little wish has a Big Impact!!
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Indy Blue Crew Selects The Littlewish Foundation as Charitable Partner for 2023-24 NFL Season

Every year the Blue Crew Fan Club, a network of hundreds of proud fans, comes together to support the Indianapolis Colts. Members have been gathering since 1993, and the club is now considered one of the premier fan clubs across the NFL. But their love for the Colts extends beyond the football field. The club is passionate about positively impacting the greater Indianapolis community by creating opportunities and partnerships where Colts fans can give back. 


The Blue Crew is proud to partner with The Little Wish Foundation for the 2023-24 Season.  

Grant a Little Wish

Your donation to Little Wish provides comfort, hope and joy to a

Little wishes make big difference

A Butler University freshman helps brighten children’s cancer battles by granting their wishes to take their minds off illnesses for a little while. Elizabeth Niemiec started the Little Wish Foundation when she was 17 years old. Since then, she and the organization have since granted 145 little wishes. Niemiec was inspired to start the foundation.                                                                                                                   


Contact Brian Robinson for information related to our 2023 charitable events- mailto:b.rob@indybluecrew.com



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